Roy King


place: Nashville, TN

Cornell University

Cornell University (Ph.D. - 1975); M.D. Stanford University

Associate Professor (Psychiatry) Stanford University

personal or universal URL:

Roy J. King, born in Nashville, Tennessee, who earned his doctorate in mathematics at Cornell University in 1975. He later earned the M.D. at Stanford's medical school had joined the medical faculty in 1983.

In the past year, Dr. Roy King has started a new Interpersonal Problems Clinic to help patients with these disorders. Treatment modalities include individual and group psychotherapy as well as pharmacological management. Several treatment studies are being initiated.

He has published numerous articles. I have an old photo of King I used for the newsletter but can see a recent photo if you go to the Stanford University home page, type his name in the "Search" box (on the second sceen there is a site on minority scientists).

Area of Research: Personality Disorders; cultural models of personality and the emotions


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