Manuel Keepler

Born: November 4, 1944; Died: July 2, 1999

place: Hopeville, Georgia

B.S. in Mathematics at Morehouse College (1965); M.A. in Mathematical Statistics from Columbia University (1967)

Ph.D. University of New Mexico (Mathematics 1973)

Marion Keepler earned a B.S. in Mathematics as Valedictorian at Morehouse College in 1965. In 1967 he earned an M.A. in Mathematical Statistics from Columbia University. He worked at Miles College (1966-67), Virginia State College (1970-71), Univertsity of New Mexico (1971-72). He earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of New Mexico in 1973. In 1973 he took a position of Chair of Mathematics at South Carolina State College where remained until 1989.

From the Morehouse College Memorial Service for Manuel Keepler (below)

Dr. Keepler authored:

(with A. Hugine and L. E Meyers) Fundamentals of Mathematics

Introduction to Proof Techniques in Mathematics - Sets, Number Systems, Logic and Counting.

references: Dr. Keepler's daughter Adriane Keepler <
>; [Houston]


From the Morehouse College Memorial Service for Manuel Keepler


Manuel Keepler, '65
November 4, 1944 ­ July 2, 1999

Manuel Keepler's life can be summed up in the words of his mentor and hero Benjamin E. Mays: "It isn't how long one lives, but how well. It's what one accomplishes for mankind that matters." The former professor and chairman of Mathematics and Computer Science at South Carolina State University and North Carolina Central University died this past July, after a brief illness.

His character, dedication and hard working mentality were a reflection of his love of education, his humble southern upbringing and the standard of excellence that surrounded him under President May's tutelage.

As the top ranking student graduate and Merrill Scholar of the Morehouse Class of 1965, he went on to obtain a M.A. degree in mathematical statistics from Columbia University and a Ph.D. degree in mathematics from The University of New Mexico. Keepler's tenure as a professor and chairman of mathematics spanned 34 years and always carried a love of African-American students. He was a professor at Miles College, University of New Mexico, Virginia State University, Langston University, Dillard University, South Carolina State University, Cornell University, University of South Carolina, and North Carolina Central University.

The Atlanta, GA native was a member of MENSA, the first African-American president of the South Carolina Academy of Science and an avid tennis and chess player who won numerous academic awards, scholarships and fellowships. He authored numerous national and international mathematical and statistical publications, and won the 1978 South Carolina State Reserve Chess Championship.

He had a great sense of humor that he used to uplift and engage his students and motivate them to pursue careers in mathematics. As the second son of thirteen children, Keepler sought for others the good he desired for himself.

Keepler is survived by his wife of 33 years, Clark University alumna Dannie Hornsby Keepler of South Carolina; one daughter Spelman alumna, Adriane Keepler of Baltimore, and one grandchild Marley Delaney Ford.

"He was designed for accomplishment, engineered for success and endowed with the seeds of greatness."

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