Mary H. Johnson


place: Norfolk, Virginia

Bachelors degree, Virginia State University; masters degree in mathematics education from Hampton University

D.ed., The University of Maryland(College Park, Maryland)
area of degree: Mathematics Education



Dr. Mary Johnson is principal of WMST Public Charter High in Washington, DC and is a coauthor of Blueprint For Educational Change:Improving Reasoning, Literacies and Science Achievement With Cooperative Learning.

Professor of Mathematics and Education at the University of The District of Columbia Dr. Johnson retired from the D.C. Public School System after many years as a mathematics teacher, administrator of the Math Science Technology Initiative,principal of the Ballou Math Science Technology Academy, principal of The Washington Math Science Technology Public Charter High School of which she was a cofounder, and Principal of Francis Junior High School. Retiring in August, 2000, she assumed a teaching position at UDC in September, 2000. While serving as principal in the D.C. School System, she also was an adjunct professor of mathematics education in the School of Education at Howard University.

She has taught mathematics at the following colleges and universities-The University of Maryland, Howard University, Bennett College, and George Washington University.

"When Dr. Mary Johnson walks through the halls of Washington Mathematics Science Technology High School, her students pay attention. Slouching girls walk a bit taller, scowling boys share a smile and a greeting."

By Gayle Tzemach ,

"Dr. Mary H. Johnson, the principal and cofounder of The Washington Math Science Technology Public Charter High School, has been involved in education for over thirty years. Her school is one of the few such charter schools in the United States. Opening in September, 1998, the school is located in southwest Washington, D.C. and serves 200 students from throughout the city. Dr. Johnson and her school have been featured in The Washington Times, The Washington Post, and on ABC.Com News. She is sometimes referred to as the "Mava Collins" of Washington, D.C. working hard and productively enhancing the quality of life for students.

Dr. Johnson who graduated as the valedictorian or her high school class at the age of fifteen is the recipient of the , respectively.

She is also the author of books, one being YOU ARE SPECIAL:A CHILD'S GUIDE FOR SUCCESSFUL LIVING. This guide is designed to teach young people the principles of effective and productive living and is based on the TEN COMMANDMENTS and other biblical principles. In one Washington Times article, her book is discussed with William Bennett's THE BOOK OF VIRTUES. Dr. Johnson has appeared on numerous radio and talk shows discussing her book, including C-Span."

For information on her school or her book, please e-mail: or telephone (301) 599-9222.


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