Olusola C. Idowu

Born: 23 April, 1970

place: Nigeria

B.Sc. with distinction in Mathematics 1991, Lagos State University, Nigeria,

Ph.D. in Mathematics (2000) University of Newcastle, England,
thesis: Simulations of acoustic turbulence and dynamic action in irrotational flows; Advisor:

Research Associate School of Computing Science, New Castle-on-Tyne

personal or universal URL: http://www.cs.ncl.ac.uk/people/home.php?name=o.c.idowu@ncl.ac.uk;
email: o.c.idowu@ncl.ac.uk

Olusola's research interests include bioinformatics, mathematical modelling of biological systems and computational fluid dynamics. He is currently working on developing computational models to analyse complex information systems.

Olusola received his PhD degree in Mathematics from University of Newcastle in 2000. In his doctorate degree research he developed analytical and numerical methods for studying the flow of liquids at absolute zero temperatures.

Immediately after his doctoral degree research, he worked as a research fellow at Stanford University, California and NASA Ames Research Centre, California developing mathematical models for motion of gas cloud in Protoplanetary Nebula.

Olusola is currently working on the eXSys project (e-Science Solutions for the Analysis of Complex Systems)

publication list: http://www.cs.ncl.ac.uk/research/pubs/authors/byType.php?id=168.

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