Guy Theodore Hogan

Born: 1933; birthplace: Republic of Panama (U.S. Citizen since 1965)

BA Talladega College (1957); MS University of Chicago (1959)

Ph.D. (1968) Ohio State University
thesis: Variations on the H(,p) problem for finite p-groups; advisor: Arno Cronheim

area of degree: Group Theory

Professor of Mathematics at Norfolk State University.

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Guy Theodore Hogan was born and grew up in a West Indian enclave in the Republic of Panama. His father was from Barbados, his mother was from Jamaica, and he was the tenth in a family of eleven children.

At the Ohio State University, Hogan studied with Drs. Wolfgang Kappe, and Hans Zassenhaus, writing his dissertation in the field of finite groups and their automorphisms. He has published papers in this field and continues to work in this area, with a burgeoning new interest in the area of error-correcting codes, and computational group theory.

Hogan has taught at Talladega College, Central State University (Ohio), State University of New York at Oneonta and at Binghamton, University of Massachusetts at Boston, and now at Norfolk State University. While at UMass, he served for a while as Special Assistant to the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

During his tenure in Boston, he also earned a Jurisprudence Degree (1985) from Suffolk University Law School, was admitted to the Massachusetts bar, and practiced law, primarily defending indigents in criminal cases. After nineteen years at UMass he returned to his roots with the historically Black colleges and universities, taking a position as Professor of Mathematics at Norfolk State University.

Hogan is also seeking ways to clarify legal doctrines through mathematics. He has presented papers on such topics as "The Evolution of the Common Law Towards Fairness," "Comparative Negligence Converges to No-Fault," "Infinite Series and the Income Tax," "A Legal System as a Pseudo-Metric Space," and "Duality in Legal Systems." He is a member of the Virginia bar and maintains a part-time legal consulting practice.


Hogan, Guy T. Elements of maximal order in finite $p$-groups. Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 32 1972 37--41.

Hogan, Guy T.; Kappe, Wolfgang P. On the $H\sb{p}$-problem for finite $p$-groups. Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 20 1969 450--454.

references: SUMMA Hogan web page:; Math Reviews

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