Linda Bailey Hayden

Born: Feb. 4, 1949

place: Portsmouth, Virginia

B.S. (1970) in Mathematics/Physics from Virginia State University, a M.A. (1972) in Math. Ed. from the University of Cincinnati, a M.S. (1983) in Computer Science from Old Dominion University of Cincinnati

Ph.D. (1988) in Mathematics Education from American University

Profeesor in the department of Mathematics and Computer Science of Elizabeth City State University

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Dr. Linda Bailey Hayden was Visiting Professor of Mathematics at University of Kentucky (1976-78), Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Norfolk State University (1979-80), Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Elizabeth City State University (1980-85), Assistant Professor of Computer Science American University (1985-88), Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of the District of Columbia (1988-89), and, from 1989 to the present, Professor of Computer Science, Elizabeth City State University.

references: [Am.U. Alumni], [Black Issues Higher Ed], [Hayden's web page]

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