Name:  Abba Gumel

Birthplace:  Jigawa State, Nigeria.

Ph.D. Computational Mathematics, Brunel University, England. 1993.
area: parallel and sequential algorithms for parabolic partial differential equations

:  Full Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Manitoba, Canada.

Research Interests:  Scientific Computing, Mathematical Biology, Dynamical Systems, Modelling, Numerical Analysis.


Gumel: Born in Nigeria, received his Ph.D. in Computational Mathematics from Brunel University in England and is now a tenured Associate Professror at the University of Manitoba in Canada. He has been making significant contributions in many areas of Applied Mathematics including:

(1) Mathematical Biology: designing and qualitatively analysing mathematical models for emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, aimed at assessing and determining optimal control strategies for an epidemic.

(2) Non-linear Dynamical Systems: Designining and using Dynamical Systems theories and tools to investigate the asymptotic dynamical behaviour of some real-life systems which are formulated in the form of deterministic, non-linear, ordinary differential equation systems.

(3) Computational Mathematics: Gumel's earlier work on Computational Mathematics was based on the design of efficient L_0-stable methods, via the use of the method of lines semi-discretization approach, for solving multi-dimensional partial differential equations. Gumel's main contribution in this area includes the design of a new family of L_0-stable methods which enable the solution of second-order linear parabolic and hyperbolic partial differential equations with or without time-dependent source terms to be computed on a parallel architecture, with each processor solving a linear algebraic system at every time step using real arithmetic (as against the computationally-expensive complex arithmetic which is often required in the process).

In collaboration with Ronald Mickens, Gumel has, over the last few years, being actively involved in the construction and theoretical framework of a new class of finite-difference methods (non-standard methods) invented by Mickens a few decades ago. This class of methods is highly robust in capturing the asymptotic dynamics of many classes of real-life problems. Gumel has edited a special volume of the Journal of Difference Equations and Applications marking Mickens' 60th Birthday.

In November of 2003, Dr. Gumel was awarded a Young African in Mathematics medal by the AMU and the ICMS.

We should note that Professor Gumel's lecture at CAARMS9 was first rate.

Abba Gumel with co-author Ron Mickens at CAARMS9

Journal Publications


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