Milton Andrew Gordon

Born: May 25, 1935; place: Chicago, Illinois

B.S. (1957) Xavier University of Louisiana, mathematics and secondary education; M.A. (1960) University of Detroit, mathematics

Ph.D. (1968) Illinois Institute of Technology, mathematics

: President of California State University, Fullerton


Dr. Milton A. Gordon became president of California State University, Fullerton in 1990. He has led CSUF into prominence as one of the nation's largest and most inclusive senior institutions of higher learning. Dr. Gordon holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Professional Background

Dr. Gordon's awards include the 1999 Cesár Chavez Community Service Award by the Hispanic Bar Association or Orange County, 1998 Manager of the Year Award by the Orange County Chapter of the Society of Advancement of Management, 1998 Orange County NCAACP Citizens of Distinction Award, 1994 Tree of Life Award from the Jewish National Fund, and Honor Milton A. Gordon Day, September 22, 1992, at Chicago State University.

Currently, Dr. Gordon is Chair of the NCAA Baseball Research Panel.

For more details on honors and professional activities, please see Dr. Gordon's web page.


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