Jean-Pierre O. Ezin

Born: 1944; place: Benin

: Dipl. de l'Institut d'adm. des entreprises - Lille I - 1971; Doc. S. (mathématiques pures) - Lille I - 1972

Doc. E. (mathématiques pures) - Lille I - 1981

: Directeur Professeur, (IMSP) Institut de mathématiques et de sciences physiques Université Nationale in Bénin

1993 employment: International Centre for Theoretical Physics 34100 Trieste ITALY

Benin, enjoys a robust level of scientific activity, especially at IMSP. Jean-Pierre Ezin deserves much of the credit for this success story, which is slowly emerging as a model for other research institutions throughout Africa. Read about the story.



Areas: Geometry and Mathematical Physics

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