Kweku-Muata Agyei Osei-Bryson


Born: March 25, 1953

Birthplace: Kingston, Jamaica

Ph.D. University of Maryland College Park 1988
 thesis: Multiobjective and Large-Scale Linear Programming; Advisor: Saul Gass

Area of Research Interests: Applied Mathematics (Management Science & Information Systems)

Professor of Information Systems and Research Fellow of the Information Systems Research Institute at Virginia Commonwealth University (with Ojelankik Ngwenyama)

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Nöel Bryson Kweku-Muata earned a B.S. in Natural Science from the University of the West Indies at Mona (1974), an M.S. in Systems Engineneering from Howard University (1982), and a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Maryland at College Park (1988). Dr. Bryson has worked for National Savings & Trust Bank, the U.S. Army (as a Faculty Fellow), and, from 1985 to 1998 in the Department of Information Systems and Analysis in the School of Business at Howard University, where he became Professor in 1996. Also from 1993-1997 he worked as a Faculty Fellow (Information Systems) for the U.S. Army, The Pentagon, VA. Since 1998, Dr. Noel Bryson has been Professor of Information Systems and Research Fellow of the Information Systems Research Institute at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA.

In 2002, Noel Anthony Bryson legally changed his name to Kweku-Muata Agyei Osei-Bryson.

formerly: Nöel Anthony Bryson 1999



Dr. Nöel Bryson has 30 publications in various areas. For more details see his home page.


Group Support Systems:

Group Decision-Making and the Analytic Hierarchy Process: Exploring the Consensus-Relevant Information Content, Computers & Operations Research 23 (1996), 27-35.

Expert & Decision Support Systems:

(with O. Ngwenyama) A Formal Method for Analyzing and Integrating the Rule-Sets of Multiple Experts, Information Systems 17:1, 1-16, (1992) .

Spatial & Distributed Database Systems:

(with A. Mobolurin) On Modeling the Query Processing-Relevant Complexity of 2-D Spatial Objects, Proceedings of NAECON'97.

Information Economics:

(with O. Ngwenyama) Making the Information Systems Outsourcing Decision: A Transaction Cost Approach to Analyzing Decision Problems, European Journal of Operational Research, in press.

Cluster Analysis:

(with A. Joseph) A Parametric Programming Procedure for Cluster Analysis, Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference on Applied Modelling, Simulation and Optimization (1995), 133-136.

Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis:

(with A. Mobolurin and O. Ngwenyama) Modelling Pairwise Comparisons on Ratio Scales, European Journal of Operational Research 83 (1995), 639-654.

Mathematical Programming:

Parametric Programming and Lagrangian Relaxation: The Case of the Network Problem with a Single Side-Constraint, Computers & Operations Research 18 (1991), 129-140.

Identifying the Efficient Extreme-Points of the Three-Objective Linear Programming Problem, Journal of the Operational Research Society 44 (1993), 81-85.

(with Saul Gass) Solving The Discrete Stochastic Linear Programming Problem Using The Dualplex Algorithm, Computers & Operations Research 21 (1994), 11-17.

(with R. Aderohunmu and A. Mobolurin) Joint Vendor-Buyer Policy in JIT Manufacturing, Journal of the Operational Research Society 46 (1995), 375-385.


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