Martha A. Brown

Born: 1948

place: Como, Mississippi

area of degree:

B.S. (1970) Colorado State University; MS (1973) Federal City College; MS (1979) George Washington University.

D.Ed. American University, 1988
thesis: The Relationship Between Levels of Mathematics Anxiety in Elementary Classroom Teachers, Selected Teacher Variables and Student Achievement in Grades Two Through Six; advisor: Mary Gray

Martha A. Brown grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. Brown began her undergraduate career at Michigan State University in 1966, studying mathematics education. She married and moved to Colorado, where she completed her BS in Mathematics Education at Colorado State University in 1970. She completed a M.Ed. in Urban Staff Development, from Federal City College in Washington, DC, in 1973. She earn a second M.Ed. in Guidance and Counseling, from the George Washington University in 1979. She completed her doctorate in mathematics education at the American University in 1988. She completed her doctorate in mathematics education at the American University in 1988.

Brown's interest in mathematics is not limited to what is done in the classroom. She had worked with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics since 1988, as well as other organizations whose mission is the improvement of teaching and learning in mathematics. She is a member of several professional organizations including the Benjamin Banneker Association, the International Study Group for Ethnomathematics, and the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics.

Presently, Brown is the supervisor of Mathematics in the Prince George's County Public School System. Reform occurring within the mathematics curriculum has made it necessary to provide teachers with opportunities to learn about new techniques, trends, and academic requirements. She is there to challenge and support all of the public school mathematics teachers by way of professional development workshops and mentoring.

Brown is currently a student at the Wesley Theological Seminary, pursuing the Master of Divinity degree. This pursuit is a natural extension of who she is in terms of understanding her work in mathematics education as a ministry rather than a job or a career. Brown is active in her church and is a student pastor. Throughout her life, she felt that she could best serve her community by learning and understanding as much as she could. Brown feels blessed and she is grateful for the opportunities she has had and those that are still to come.

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