Elsayed Mohamed Elsayed AHMED

Born: 27/12/1954

place: Mansoura Egypt

BSc. (Math.) Mans. Fac.Sci. 1977; MSc (Applied Math.), Mans. Fac.Sci. 1980

Ph.D Applied Math., University of London U.K. 1986

: Professor of Mathematics, Math. Dept., Fac.Sci., Al-Ain, UAE Univ. 1999-now; Professor of Mathematics, Math. Dept., Fac.Sci., Mansoura Univ. Egypt 1997-now

personal or universal URL:
email: magd45@yahoo.com

Previous positions: Assoc. Prof., Math. Dept., Fac.Sci., Mansoura Univ. Egypt. 1991-1997; Lecturer, Math. Dept., Fac.Sci., Mansoura Univ. Egypt. 1986-1991; Lecturer, Math.Dept., Fac.Sci. Al-Ain UAE Univ.1989-1993.


  1. Amin Lotfy award in Math.Sci awarded by the Egyptian Acad.Sci. 1988, 1994
  2. Mansoura Univ. Prize in basic Sci. 1994


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