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African Diaspora Mathematicians in the Caribbean

African Diaspora Mathematicians in the Caribbean

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Garth Baker - Jamaica, in Bermuda

Louis Beaugris - Haiti, in U.S.A.

Serge Bernard - Haiti, in U.S.A.

Earl Brown - Jamaica

Noel Bryson - Jamaica, in U.S.A.

Louise Brown Hoseini-Nasab - Antigua Trinidad, in USA

Ron Buckmire - Grenada, in USA

Charles Cadogan - Barbados

Lucy J. Campbell - Barbados, in Canada

Merville O. Campbell - Barbados - deceased, was in Ghana and Jamaica

Sharon Clarke - Dominica, in USA

Charles Gladstone Costley - Jamaica, in Canada

Edward Farrell - Trinidad

Velmer Headley - Barbados, in Canada

Leighton Henry - Jamaica

Guy Hogan, Barbados in USA

Fern Hunt - Jamaica, in USA

Parry Husbands - St. Lucia, in U.S.A.

Lancelot F. James - Jamaica, in USA

Jean-Michelet Jean-Michel - Haiti, In USA

Joshua Leslie - Jamaica, in USA

Orville Keane - St. Thomas

Bernard Mair - Jamaica in USA

Clement McCalla - Jamaica in USA

Camille McKayle - Jamaica, in Virgin Is (US)

Alex Meril French West Indies

Keith Mitchell Grenada

Hugh Millington - Barbados

Alfred Noël - Haiti, in USA

Claude Packer - Jamaica

Paul Peart - Jamaica, in USA

Arlie Petters - Belize, in USA

Donald St. P. Richards - Jamaica, in USA

Karl Robinson - Jamaica

Ewart Thomas - Guyana, in USA

Goodwin Vaneere - St. Thomas, in USA

Argelia Velez-Rodriguez - Cuba, in USA

Halvard White - Jamaica

Francis Williams - Jamaica


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Mathematicians of the African Diaspora

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