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A partial listing of Nigerian Mathematicans.

Indigenous contemporary mathematics research activities in modern Nigeria were pioneered by Chike Obi, Adegoke Olubummo, and James Ezeilo who obtained their doctorates in mathematics from British Universities in the 1950's. Obi and Ezeilo specialized in ordinary differential equations and Olubummo in Analysis. The very high qality of the research activities of these pioneers has been a potent motivating force of many Nigerian mathematicians.

Nigeria has also been a leader in aiding in the development of Mathematics on the entire continent. The second Pan African Congress in Mathematics was held in 1986 in Jos, Nigeria. Aderemi Kuku was a two term president of the African Mathematical Union (1986-1995). Also in 1986 Grace Lele Williams founded AMUCWMA, the African Mathematical Union's Commission on Women in Mathematics in Africa.

More recently, Nigerian researchers in the area of ordinary differential equations are engaged in the investigation of a wide range of interesting questions on qualitative properties of solutions and the existence of periodic solutions of higher order equations. The results of Ezeilo's students Haroon Tejumola and Ethelbert Chukwu standout in this regard. So also are the results of Oluska Akinyele, Anthony Afuwape, and E. N. Onwuchekwa.

In addition to the qualitative study of differential equations, Nigerians are also involved in numerical analysis of solutions. The Benin school, led by the late Simeon Ola Fatunla, and the Ilorin school formed around M.A. Ibiejugba, J.A. Gbadeyan, and P. Onumanyi (now at the University of Jos) are particularly strong in this area.

Thus, Nigeria is today well recognised in the international mathematical community as a center for ordinary differential equations.

The main sachools of functional analysis in Nigeria are located at the University of Ibadan, University of Benin, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and University of Nigeria at Nsukka. The indigeonous pioneer was the late Adegoke Olubummo, who spent the entire span of his career at Ibadan.

We should note that George Okikiolu, a Nigerian Mathematician in London, has published twice as many papers as any other Black Mathematician. His daughter Katherine Okikiolu recently won two very high research awards in the U.S.

Organizations and Journals

Nigerian Organizations in the Mathematical Sciences are:

The Nigerian Mathematical Society

Journal of the Nigerian Mathematics Society


Nigerian Association of Computer Science
Student Chapter
address: Department of Computer Science
University of Nigeria, Nsukka ; Enugu State, Nigeria
Contact: Anireh Emeka Vince Iyke, Secretary General
Tel: 234-84-236772


Nigerian mathematicians we know of are:

Sammani D. Abdullahi

Iya Abubakar

Adeniran Adeboye

Samson A. Adeleke

John Olusola Adeniran

John O. Adeyeye

David I. Adu

Anthony Afuwape

Adebisi Agboola

Akeem Adesina A. Agboola

Olatunde Akinlade

Oluska Akinyele

Edet P. Akpan

John C. Amazigo

Ezekiel O. Ayoola

Bamidele Awojoyogbe

Charles E. Chidume

Ethelbert Chukwu

G.O.S. Ekhaguere

James Ezeilo

Simeon O. Fatunla

Abba B. Gumel -

S. A. Ilori -

Christopher Olutunde Imoru

Aderemi Kuku

Oluwole Daniel Makinde

Kenneth Nwabueze

Chike Obi

James Adedayo Oguntuase

Amos Olagunju

David O. Olagunju

Adegoke Olubummo

Yewande Olubummo

Victor Omololu Olunloyo

George O. Okikiolou

Katherine Okikiolu

Micah Okwuchukwu Osilike

Kevin Osondu

Gabriel A. Oyibo

Adewale Solarin

Haroon Tejumola

Livinus Uko

Grace Lele Williams

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Universities in Nigeria

Abia State University

Ahmadu Bello University

Enugu State University of Technology

Bayero University

Edo State University

Federal University of Technology, Akure

Imo State University

Obafemi Awolowo University

Ogun State University

Ondo State University

Rivers State University of Science & Technology

Usman Dan Fodio University

University of Abuja

University of Agriculture, Abeokotua

University of Agriculture, Makurdi

University of Benin

University of Calabar

University of Jos

University of Ibadan

University of Ilorin

University of Lagos

University of Maiduguri

University of Nigeria

University of Port Harcourt

University of Uyo

The much of this material on this webpage is based upon a 1995 article Mathematics in Science Today in Nigeria by Tejumola and Ekhaguere, and sent to me by Professor G.O.S. Ekhaguere.

Aderemi Kuku sent many papers used in the writing of this webpage.


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