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This project, Mathematicians of the African Diaspora is on-going, and will never be complete. I have discovered material in far-flung, sometimes obscure places, with the help of many individuals via electronic mail and otherwise. In particular, I must thank:

my wife, the former Glo Aniebo, who indirectly instigated the entire project and who's help with understanding education in Africa (especially Ghana and Nigeria) is/was immeasurable.

Roger Guibinga who single-handedly is responsible for 30% of all new and updated profiles from 2001 through 2003. Robert Fikes who has contributed more than 50 people to this site.

Jim Donaldson, Johnny Houston, Patricia Kenschaft for help on the history of African American Mathematicians.

Nate Dean, Bill Hawkins, Ray Johnson, Janis Oldham, and Bill Massey for their help on African American American Mathematicians today. Especially, Robert Fikes for considerable help on U.S. mathematicians, computer scientists, and physicists we never knew before.

G.O.S. Ekhaguere for help with the history of modern Mathematicians in Africa

Paulus Gerdes for help with the history of ancient Mathematicians in Africa

Patrick Stephens and Orville Keane for help with Carribbean Mathematicians

Paulus Gerdes and Gloria Gilmer for pointing out the relevance of Ethnomathematics to this work.

The Mathematics Department of The State University of New York at Buffalo for housing these web pages in a web space which grows faster than these files (nearly 10,000) grow.

Finally, let me mention George Gheverghese Joseph, Honorary Research Professor, University of Manchester, United Kingdom: Jospeh is the author of a book I read, in 1994, and which directly engaged my 1997 initial interest in constructng this web site. The book is The Crest of the Peacock: Non-European Roots of Mathematics, Penguin Books 1991; Princeton University Press 2001.

Dr. Scott W. Williams, 4/29/98; renewed 9/10/01